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The Wav in Sylvan is showcasing the world to Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Our enormous music library allows us to bring you all the hits from the past 6 decades. As on online radio station, we cater to our local listeners, but attract listeners from all over the globe. Tune in for a unique listening experience you won’t get anywhere else.


The Wav in Sylvan


Virtual Sylvan Lake offers up a broad perspective of what the community of Sylvan Lake really has to offer. With 4 strategically located high-definition cameras throughout Sylvan Lake’s Lakeshore, we can put your business in front of thousands of eyes each and every year.

We hope you enjoy this virtual experience, and we encourage you to share these feeds with your friends and family around the globe. Take in the brilliance of what Sylvan Lake, Alberta really has to offer in all its seasons.

Virtual Sylvan Lake


The Sylvan Lake Business guide has a long and proud history of serving the business community of Sylvan Lake these past 37 years. As Sylvan Lake’s only published business guide distributed throughout our community, we combine our guide with a web supported advertising platform.

And with our QR code scanning system combining our print, digital and online platforms, we have the expertise to deliver a consistent message about your business across multiple platforms.

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Commercial Radio Advertising

Why not advertise where your clients live, reach those that live, work and play in our community.

The Wav in Sylvan has a large local listening audience, focused on supporting our local community and all that it represents. The WAV in Sylvan is “Sylvan Lake’s Home For Variety” entertaining our listeners throughout each day with a variety of hits from the late 60’s though to today. The station is loaded with feel good tunes, overflowing with energy, influence, and local content. The engaging hosts perpetuate, light and fun discussions, leaving you feeling connected and inspired. “The WAV in Sylvan” is an impactful and effective tool Sylvan Lakers can use to build and grow their businesses market share.

Commercial Radio Advertising
Print Advertising

The Sylvan Lake Business Guide is Sylvan Lake’s only annually printed publication, distributed to all the residents and businesses within Sylvan Lake & Area.

The Sylvan Business Guide has been proud to represent the business community of Sylvan Lake this past 36 years. Since acquiring The Sylvan Lake Directory in 2016, it’s parent company 7 Points Media Ltd. has endeavoured to stay ahead of the curve by introducing new and innovative methods in which to represent our clients. As trends change and more and more of the public are moving to online sources for their information, we believe it is time for some unique changes in how we deliver our client’s information to the public. We truly believe that print is still relevant as proof of all our 7500+ printed copies of our magazine disappearing from the shelves each and every year. This tells us that although the online world is a leading method of information gathering, our printed publication maintains extreme value in its existence.

Print Advertising
Web Advertising

The Sylvan Lake Business Guide hosts a web platform to compliment our clients printed ads offering more in-depth material on the company the readers are seeking out.

Using a unique feature that allows our readers to not only view our client’s ads within our magazine but included a QR code system that would allow each reader to use their mobile phone’s camera to scan each ad in order to transport them to our client’s online business profile on our website, giving them more in-depth material on the company they are seeking out.

Web Advertising
Livestream Advertising

A livestreaming platform, allowing the public to not only view what is going on in the heart of our community, but view advertising banners of those same advertisers who are in our printed publication.

With over 150,000+, it’s a platform that utilizes those same QR codes within each banner, it’s just one more way to reach a much wider audience, this site offers a broad perspective of #Lakerlife through the use of “real time” views from several iconic positions. This site also garners much attention on local special events such as fireworks and the lighting of the winter village.

Livestream Advertising
Graphic Arts

The art of graphic design is about creativity and compromise, envisioning what the client wants while offering outside the box thinking.

Our graphic artists pride themselves on paying close attention to detail, working closely with each client to deliver the message they are endeavouring to showcase to the public. Working with the latest software and design tools, our artists have the ability to produce a visually imaginative product that will suit their message.

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Audio Video Production

It's as much about the quality of the message as it is about the content of the message itself.

Delivering an audio or visual message that creates an appealing and creative visual or audio experience requires experience and attention to detail. Our producers can generate an audio or visual campaign that you can share on your website or social media pages to help you engage your potential clients more interactively.

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Complete Marketing Campaigns

It's possible you are looking for a complete marketing package which includes multiple skillsets.

We can custom design a marketing campaign that meets all of parts of your promotional needs. Reach out to us and we can sit down with you team to discuss all the different options that are available to you.

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